Yo WhatsApp Download APK Official, New Update 2022

WhatsApp is not feature-rich enough? Want to have more different experiences? Now, let's take advantage of Yo WhatsApp's creatively fantastic functions and optimize it to perform far better with greater charm to outwit WhatsApp. Read on to find the Yo WhatsApp download step-by-step procedure.

Yo WhatsApp Download APK Official, New Update 2022

WhatsApp launched in 2009 at the dawn of the smartphone era as a free chat app. Globally, it has more than 2 billion users and becomes the most popular chat app in the world. Chatting with family and friends, sharing photos and videos, creating group texts, and maintaining secure conversations anytime are some of the features that attract users. There is no doubt that it offers many advantages over its competitors. But people aren't just satisfied with that. You deserve more! Yo WhatsApp can satisfy your requirement. It offers many advantages over WhatsApp. Below is the Yo WhatsApp APK official download link, simply click to download it!

Yo WhatsApp Download

To help you get started, this post will put together this novice’s guide on using Yo WhatsApp, from Yo WhatsApp download procedure to deeply meeting it. Let’s continue to take a look at the amazing features of the new Yo WhatsApp 2022 new version.

What Is Yo WhatsApp?

Yo WhatsApp is a popular WhatsApp mod (similar to FM WhatsApp), which lets users have a free and secure messaging service while maintaining a simple, minimalist design. Developed as an alternative to WhatsApp Plus, it was introduced to the market in 2012. The app was developed by XDA member Rafalete, who modified the original WhatsApp application. In addition to changing the basic code, he introduced a new user interface. Gold replaces the green logo of the original App.

But this is superficial, the really amazing part of the app is in its functions as we mentioned on the Yo WhatsApp official website. A number of advanced features have been added to the mod that is especially useful for users who wish to increase their privacy settings. In a word, there are many features in Yo WhatsApp APK that WhatsApp does not offer. Another boon is downloading and using Yo WhatsApp is completely free. The next part will cover more functionality and features of Yo WhatsApp. 

Why Choose Yo WhatsApp?

This application gives WhatsApp a greater charm, which is its greatest advantage. In the original app, customization is not possible. However, Yo WhatsApp allows users to choose themes, and customize the whole UI. Changing the color of the buttons, text, and graphics is also simple. That is the reason why it is convenient for you to choose the right visual appearance when using Yo WhatsApp. It contains more than 700 themes. What’s more, themes do not have to be downloaded separately. It automatically downloads and arranges the themes by name, version, and date. If you think the above features are not very functional, then read on, other features will really surprise you.

Here, listed below are the main features of Yo WhatsApp. 

More Emoticons

With emoticons in the original App, the conversation becomes more emotional and real. A new set of emoticons has been added to this app. For improved communication, it has added the emoticons of Google Hangouts. However, there is a catch. Emoticons can only be viewed by WhatsApp plus users. Your message will not show any new emoticons if the recipient has the original app.

Hiding Options

Originally, users complained that other people were interrupting them when they were online. The hiding option was added to WhatsApp plus to address this issue. Whether it is a person or a group, you can hide your status. Encrypted communication gained new freedom with this option.

Advanced File Sharing Option

Only 16 MB of data may be sent using the original WhatsApp, which creates an intriguing conflict among data providers. Users will find it helpful that this app allows file sharing of up to 50 MB. Additionally, this app offers file alterations for files between 2MB and 50MB. The original App does not have the advanced file sharing feature.

Recording Status

Another fantastic feature of Yo WhatsApp APK is it allows you to conceal your recording status from others.


Only WhatsApp Business Accounts can utilize this feature, however, Yo WhatsApp developed it to make life easier for its users. If you don't want your friends or family to worry because they can't get your reply in time, then this feature is the best bet for you.

Sending 7-Minute Video

It’s not unusual to set status in video form, but it’s not common for a video to be up to 7 minutes long. Now you can better communicate the content of your videos with Yo WhatsApp latest version 2022.

How to Start the Yo WhatsApp Download Process?

YoWhatsApp is a third-party APK that can't be downloaded from the Play Store, so you have to download it from a third-party website and the official security app scanner, Play Protect, may block it. So we recommend you temporarily disable it. Now, the steps beneath Yo WhatsApp APK downloading detailed steps

Step 1. Tap on the Play Store to open it. Then go to the Play Protect tab by clicking on your profile. Next up, hit on the gear icon and disable the “Scan apps with Play Protect”.

Step 2. Hit on the download button above to open the download page of YoWhatsApp.

Step 3. Now, you can request the file by clicking the YoWhatsApp download button.

Step 4. If you are asked to accept a download, double-check the file details first before accepting it.

How to Install it after Completing Yo WhatsApp Download Steps?

After downloading, navigate to the Downloads folder where the file is located and tap on it.

Step 1. Hit on the install button and wait until it completes installing.

Step 2. Press on Done to exit the window.

Step 3. In this step, open the app drawer and launch YoWhatsApp.

Step 4. Click on Agree to continue.

Step 5. Click on Copy WhatsApp data then verify your phone number.

Step 6. Enter your profile details including the name, profile photo, etc.

You can now uninstall the stock WhatsApp since we have copied the chat data and don't need it anymore. After filling in your profile details and completing the initialization process, you should see all chats in YoWhatsApp.

FAQs about Yo WhatsApp New Update 2022 Version

What Is the Target Audience of This Software?

Yo WhatsApp is ideal for anyone who wishes to try different experiences. Especially when you're tired of rule-based Yo WhatsApp, the Yo WhatsApp APK download link is here for you. 

How to Update Yo WhatsApp 2022 New Version?

You cannot get updates from Google Play Store because this is a modified version of the original messaging app. Keep checking this site for any updates on YOWhatsApp. Update your device by downloading the latest APK file and installing it. When you complete this process, the app version on your mobile device will automatically be updated.

How to Transfer Data from WhatsApp to Yo WhatsApp?

Taking a backup and restoring your data is as easy as ABC. Your WhatsApp data needs to be backed up first. Once you have backed up the WhatsApp data, open up your file manager. The folder should be renamed Yo WhatsApp. Sign in to Yo WhatsApp using your official WhatsApp account. Please click "Accept" when asked about restoring the backup.

Closing Words

Yo WhatsApp will be surely amazing! Vibrant, unique, and electrifying colors with customizable font size and style, splashy engaging emoticons. Of course, all of these aren’t must-haves features, but they shall flatter your WhatsApp to make it more suitable and convenient for your usage habits, especially when you want to make your app look cooler.

If those unique functions aren’t enough to convince you to use Yo WhatsApp today, perhaps the fact that it’s completely free of charge will seal the deal! Without any hesitation, let’s click on the Yo WhatsApp download link and start to enjoy it!